You will now receive your electricity bills from PacificLight, and continue to be billed by SP Group for your gas, water usage and/or refuse collections.

All registration and account closure fees with PacificLight are currently waived. However, if you request to close your account before your contract expires, then an early exit penalty will be imposed.

Supply turn-off is managed by SP Group as they are the appointed licensee for metering and electricity distribution network. PacificLight can facilitate a supply turn-off with SP Group on behalf of our customers. The fee of $10 imposed by SP Group will be passed on to you.

Yes, you are allowed to switch back to buy electricity from SP Group at the regulated tariff at the end of your contract.

Raise your request via any of the following channels and our Customer Service Agent will be in touch with you within 3 business days:

Kindly note that if you request for a switch-back before the expiry of your contract, an early exit penalty will be imposed.

They are scaling factors applied at the point of metering for network and transformer losses. You can visit for more information.

It will be applied on your usage in the following manner:
Usage read from your meter (in kWh) x TLF = Billable usage

No problem, simply open an utilities account with SP Group, then call in to speak with our customer service agent to sign up with us for your new address for a period that covers your remaining contract period. PacificLight will facilitate the supply turn-off for the address you are moving out of. The supply turn-off fee of $10 (before GST) imposed by SP Group will be billed to you.