PacificLight is a Singapore-based power generator and electricity retailer committed to helping customers effectively manage their energy need. We adopt a customer focused approach and is committed to effectively and efficiently resolve any customer complaints and disputes.


This document outlines our customer complaints and dispute resolution processes detailing the process for recording, managing and responding to complaints, enquiries and escalations which are received by PacificLight from customers via telephone, in writing or electronically.

This is to ensure that our customers are fully aware of the channels available to them to raise enquiries or complaints about our services. Besides that, it also ensures that accurate information is collected and can be used to analyze trends and areas for improvement.

This document is reviewed periodically and may be subject to change.


PacificLight welcomes your feedback including complaint you may have as a customer with our service. It allows us an opportunity to maintain your confidence and trust in us as well as to improve our customer service quality.

We treat your complaint as an opportunity to further understand your dissatisfaction with our service, and provide you with a response in order to arrive at a resolution. It may be related to our services, or the complaint handling process itself. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our services or products, please contact us so that we can assist to alleviate your concern within our ability to do so.


PacificLight will ensure our staff are equipped with the required knowledge and skills to provide quality service to customers. We will address customer concerns in a timely and efficient manner, with a view to resolving issues in a non-confrontational, non-adversarial environment. We will:

  • Listen to your concerns
  • Identify ourselves
  • Ensure that our correspondence has a contact name and telephone number
  • Respect your right to privacy
  • Provide you with high quality information and advice
  • Make an accurate record of the contact so the matter can be tracked, monitored and reported
  • Provide information and guidelines in plain language

When contacting us with a complaint we ask you to:

  • Treat us with courtesy
  • Be honest in all your dealings with us
  • Provide us with information when requested to help address the issue

Guiding Principles

We are committed to following the complaints management guiding principles when handling your complaints:

  • Integrity – We embrace strong ethical and corporate governance standards. Therefore, all reasonable steps should be taken to ensure that complainants are not adversely affected because of a complaint made by them or on their behalf.
  • Accountability – We take ownership for our decisions and actions. Thus, we take a proactive approach in seeking and receiving feedback and complaint, and demonstrate a strong commitment to addressing any issues raised within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Commitment – We deliver our promise. All complainants should receive timely acknowledgement that their complaint has been received and best endeavours will be made to provide a response within the required response targets.
  • Accessibility – We will ensure that information about how and where complaints may be made to, as well as information about us is well publicised. We will also ensure that our procedure to manage complaints are easily understood and accessible to everyone.
  • No charges – Complaining to us is free to you. However, we seek your kind understanding to raise your dissatisfaction only when relevant to our services to you as it engages our resources to serve you effectively.

You can contact PacificLight in the following ways:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +65 6266 1188
Fax: +65 6533 3502
Mail: 8 Jurong Town Hall Road #12-01/06 The JTC Summit Singapore 609434
Website: https://www.pacificlight.com.sg/contact-us/info




Address and Investigate

Provide resolution

We endeavour to resolve all complaints at the first point of contact by our Customer Service Officers should any dispute under the contract arises. Should your complaint / dispute pertains to services provided by the Market Support Services Licenses (SP Services) or Transmission Licensee (SP PowerGrid / SP PowerAssets), we will escalate your complaint / dispute to their attention and for their necessary action within three (3) business days.

In the instances where we do not require investigation or involvement by any third party (notably SP Group), we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three (3) business days and seek to provide you with a resolution within 30 calendar days from it becoming aware of the dispute.

Should we be unable to meet these timeframes, we will advise you of our suggested course of action and timeframe, as well as the name of the contact person for any further queries.

As a general rule, PacificLight will respond in the same manner as the complaint was received unless advised otherwise.


1st Step: Negotiation/ Mediation

  • If the dispute cannot be resolved by the specified period or where there is a deadlock, PacificLight is required to commence mediation upon your request.
  • For disputes involving metering discrepancies, MSSL/PowerGrid will be required to attend the mediation session requested by consumers.
  • Residential consumers: Consumer Association of Singapore ("CASE") or Singapore Mediation Centre ("SMC")
  • Business consumers: SMC
  • PacificLight shall attend mediation at Alternative Dispute Resolution body if requested by consumer.

2nd Step: Arbitration/Courts

  • Consumers can seek remedies through Small Claims Tribunal ("SCT") or other applicable channels (e.g. the Courts)
  • Note: Consumers can file a claim at SCT for claim values not exceeding $10,000 (or $20,000 should both parties agree)

PacificLight will record and monitor all complaints received from customers for the purpose of monitoring and compliance, and also to assist in improving our experience with you.


All personal information that is supplied by you will be treated in confidence. Personal information shall only be collected from a customer where it is necessary to assist PacificLight with the investigation and resolution of a complaint.


This document has outlined how PacificLight receives, acknowledges, responds and communicate with our customers. The complaint and disputes resolution process ensures that information is collected and used to better improve our processes and procedures. PacificLight strives to be transparent in our dealings with you and use the guiding principles to be fair, responsive and accessible to you, our customer.

LAST UPDATED: March 2018