PacificLight expects its employees to maintain high moral and ethical standards. PacificLight will not tolerate any malpractices, fraud, corruption or any other unethical or improper conduct by its employees. The Whistleblowing Policy (“Policy”) is set up for its customers, suppliers, business partners and employees to report any such misconduct or irregularities without fear of adverse consequences. It strictly prohibits frivolous and untrue complaints.

Investigations will be carried out in an objective manner, regardless of the employee’s length of service, position, or relationship to the Company. If the matter is substantiated, disciplinary action will be taken including report to the Police or other law enforcement agencies, as deemed appropriate.

The Policy is not a forum for raising personal grievances. These should be taken up directly with the Department Heads.

In order to facilitate effective evaluation and investigation, the complaint should be as specific as possible, and include details of the parties involved, venue and timing of incidents, and evidence substantiating the complaint. Anonymous complaints are not encouraged and may be difficult to act upon. Contact details of the complainant should be indicated to enable verification of facts.

Incidents of actual or suspected fraud, corruption or other forms of unethical conduct should be promptly reported to the Receiving Officer. The contact details of the Receiving Officer are as follows:

Address: 8 Jurong Town Hall Road, #12-01/06, The JTC Summit, Singapore, 609434

Email to: [email protected]

Every effort will be made to ensure confidentiality is maintained unless the reporting party is required to make a statement to the relevant law enforcement authorities, or if the company is under legal obligation to disclose the information provided for criminal investigation.

LAST UPDATED: March 2018