Switching over to PacificLight does not require you to change your current meter (Cumulative Meter), unless you are signing up for our Save While Sleeping, Stack It Up or 9-to-9 plan1.


Most residential premises are using manual meters. SP Group sends meter readers to your premises to record your electricity usage on a bi-monthly basis. On the month where the meter is not read, SP Group will use an estimated usage. Our plans, Stick To It, Savvy Saver, Suuny Side-Up, Confirm Save and Easy Peasy works absolutely fine with manual meters.


The Smart Meter allows electricity consumption to be measured and read remotely at half-hourly intervals. This means meter readers will not need to go to your premises, and there will be no more estimation of your electricity consumption.

There are two types of Smart Meters — single-phase and three-phase — that depend on your premises’ voltage intake level. Residential consumers typically require single-phase Smart Meters.

To install a Smart Meter, there will be one-time fee of $40 (before GST) per meter per installation.

1 With the Save While Sleeping, Stack It Up or 9-to-9 plan, your hourly usage needs to be tracked by a Smart Meter which measures your electricity consumption every half-hour.


There will be a temporary power disruption of up to 30 minutes during the installation of Smart Meter. You will be notified in advance of when the installation will take place.

No, there is no need for a telephone line.

Yes, you can continue to submit self-read meter to SP Group, and SP Group will be responsible for sending the data to PacificLight for billing. You can submit self-reads through:

  • Automated phone system
    Please call the Open Electricity Market hotline at 1800-233-8000.
  • e-Services Portal
    You can submit your meter reading via the e-Services portal after you have created an account. Click here to find out how to create an e-Services account.
  • SP Utilities Portal or Mobile App
    You can submit your meter reading via the SP Utilities Portal or the SP Utilities mobile app.

Contact PacificLight at 6266 1188 and we will liaise with SP Group for you.

Last Updated: 28 December 2023