Market Development System Charge (MDSC) and Use of System (UOS) Charges

As announced by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and SP Group, with effect from 1 April 2021 there has been an increase in Market Development System Charge (MDSC) and Use of System (UOS) charges.

The adjustment charges will apply to non-standard price plans Super Saver 36 and it will not affect standard price plans.

Table 1: MDSC and UOS Increase Phasing Profile based on sample price plan of Super Saver 36 @ 18.81¢/kWh.
Rates displayed are inclusive of 7% GST. The rates below may not add up due to rounding issues.

Usage months Quarterly increase of
MDSC (¢/kWh)
One-time increase of
UOS charges (¢/kWh)
Super Saver 36
base rate (¢/kWh)
Adjusted Super Saver 36
base rate (¢/kWh)
Apr to Jun 2021 0.16 0.35 18.81 19.32
Jul to Sep 2021 0.16 - 19.32 19.48
Oct to Dec 2021 0.16 - 19.48 19.65
Jan 2022 onwards 0.16 - 19.65 19.81


The Energy Market Authority (EMA) works diligently to develop new initiatives for consumers to benefit from the Open Electricity Market (OEM). The Market Development System Charge (MDSC) is implemented to aid EMA with the on-going initiatives as well as upcoming developments. Some of the benefits include competitive electricity prices and better electricity plans to suit consumers.

The MDSC will increase by 0.16¢/kWh (inclusive of 7% GST) per quarter from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022. The overall increase by the end of 31 March 2022 is 0.64¢/kWh (inclusive of 7% GST). Notwithstanding the increase, the MDSC which forms part of the Market Support Service Charges remains as a small component of the overall electricity price. Further details on MDSC increase is available at EMA’s website at

The Use of System (UOS) charges covers the cost of transporting electricity through the national power grid. The increase in UOS Peak and Off-Peak period charges is at 0.35¢/kWh (inclusive of 7% GST).

The adjusted rates will be reflected in the monthly bills of the Non-Standard Super Saver 36 price plan signed up before 7 April 2021.

The increase of MDSC and UOS charges will be applied to your existing electricity rate per quarter. Refer to Table 1 for further illustration on the adjustment of rates.

Last Updated: 24 May 2021