From April 2018, households and small businesses in Jurong can choose to buy electricity from a retailer of their choice during the Open Electricity Market (OEM) soft launch period. This will cater to residential consumers whose premises have postal codes starting with 60, 61, 62, 63 and 64 and will be notified by EMA in Q1 2018. Read more about the OEM here.

The full launch of the OEM is expected to extend to the rest of Singapore in the second half of 2018. To get updates, subscribe to our PacificLight newsletter here or like our Facebook page.


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There are no charges for switching over to PacificLight. Security Deposit will be collected upon first bill.


It refers to money collected by PacificLight as a credit to offset any non-payment of a bill.


We use the national statistics for electricity usage of each housing type to derive the equivalent of 2 months bill amount.


Your Security Deposit will be refunded to you within 1 month of closing your PacificLight account.



Yes, you can. All you need is a valid pass that is not expiring within the next 6 months.

You need to be an existing SP Group account holder. Prepare your NRIC and your SP Group account number before starting the sign-up process. This account number can be found at the top right corner of your monthly SP Group bill.

During this OEM soft launch period, only existing premises in the Jurong area (postal codes starting with 60, 61, 62, 63, 64) with an SP Group account will be eligible.

You will still need to set up an account with SP Group, and use the SP account number to sign up online via our website or let our customer service agent assist you via our hotline.

Once you have signed up with PacificLight, we will send you the contract via email or post mail which will indicate the start date. We will send you an email or SMS to notify you of the supply turn-on date. That supply turn-on date will be start date of your contract.


Switching over to PacificLight does not require you to change your current meter (Cumulative Meter), unless you are signing up for our Save While Sleeping plan1.


Most residential premises are using manual meters. SP Group sends meter readers to your premises to record your electricity usage on a bi-monthly basis. On the month where the meter is not read, SP Group will use an estimated usage. Our plans, Stick To It and Confirm Save works absolutely fine with manual meters.


The Smart Meter allows electricity consumption to be measured and read remotely at half-hourly intervals. This means meter readers will not need to go to your premises, and there will be no more estimation of your electricity consumption.

There are two types of Smart Meters — single-phase and three-phase — that depend on your premises’ voltage intake level. Residential consumers typically require single-phase Smart Meters.

To install a Smart Meter, there will be one-time fee of $40 (before gst) per meter per installation.

1 With the Save While Sleeping plan, your hourly usage needs to be tracked by a Smart Meter which measures your electricity consumption every half-hour.


There will be no disruption to electricity during the installation of Smart Meters.

No, there is no need for a telephone line.

Yes, you can continue to submit self-read meter to SP Group, and SP Group will be responsible for sending the data to PacificLight for billing. You can submit self-reads through SP’s website, email, Automated Phone System (“APS”) and WhatsApp.

Consumers will be given 3 calendar days before 5pm from next bill date to submit self-reads for the purpose of billing on months where the meter is not read. For example, if your bill date falls on 6 Jan 2018, you are to submit your latest meter reading to SP group between 3 Feb and 5 Feb 2018, 5pm in order to receive an accurate February bill.

Contact PacificLight at 6266 1188 and we will liaise with SP Group for you.


Switching over to PacificLight does not require you to change your current meter (Cumulative Meter), unless you are signing up for our Save While Sleeping plan.




PacificLight provides multiple ways for you to make payment. Click on your preferred method for more details.


Get your GIRO application started!

  1. Download the GIRO form here.
  2. Mail the original copy to PacificLight Energy Pte Ltd.

Once your GIRO application is approved by your bank (usually 4-6 weeks upon receipt of your form), a system-generated notification will be sent to you.

Your monthly payment will automatically be deducted from your bank account on the bill due date. If that day falls on a weekend, bank holiday or public holiday, your payment date will occur on the next working day.

Payment by Recurring Card2

For a worry-free and convenient approach that reduces the risk of late payment, set up your monthly recurring PacificLight bill payment with Visa / MasterCard cards. You’ll even earn reward points!

  1. Download and complete this form
  2. Mail it back to PacificLight

Your monthly payment will automatically be charged to your card account and you only need to pay your bills by your card statement due date.

Credit Card
  • AXS e-Station & m-Station3
ATM/Debit Card
In Person

You may pay your bills over the counter at all Singapore Post Offices by cash or NETS.


For cheque payment, please cross the cheque and make it payable to “PacificLight Energy Pte Ltd”. Indicate your name, PacificLight account number(s) and invoice number(s) on the back of the cheque and mail it to 8 Jurong Town Hall Road, The JTC Summit #12-01/06 Singapore 609434


  • 1PacificLight will notify you via email on the status of your GIRO application as informed by the bank.
  • 1GIRO arrangement will be terminated if the deduction is unsuccessful with the same rejection reason from your bank for 3 consecutive billing cycle.
  • 2The processing of application of recurring card bill payment will require 3 weeks and is subjected to bank’s discretion. PacificLight will notify successful of setting up credit/debit card recurring bill payment application via email or SMS.
  • 2Recurring card bill payment arrangement will be terminated if the deduction is unsuccessful with the same rejection reason from your bank for 3 consecutive billing cycle.
  • 2All cards must be locally issued Visa/MasterCard.
  • 3DBS/POSB MasterCard, Citibank MasterCard and OCBC MasterCard


Yes. Simply call us at 6266 1188 at least 5 working days before the next deduction date. You should also inform your bank to stop the GIRO payment.

  • Deduction amount has exceeded the limit set
  • Incoming funds not cleared
  • Existing GIRO arrangement is terminated on the bank's end

Due to the Bank Secrecy Act, banks will not disclose the actual reason to us. Please contact your bank directly to find out more.

Customers who make full and prompt payment on or before the invoice due date will enjoy 5% Prompt Payment Discount. The Discount will be reflected in the subsequent bill. Should you be unable to make full and prompt payment for any bill, the Discount will not be reflected in the subsequent bill. The first bill will not reflect the Discount as there is no prior payment record.

In most cases, the card is either declined or the customer has reported the loss of a card.

Call in to our customer service hotline at 6266 1188.

You can make payment within 14 calendar days from bill date.

Your billing cycle with PacificLight will be assigned by SP Group.


Click on the tab below to understand every aspect of your bill.

  • 1Your unique statement number for this invoice issued by us.
  • 2Your account number with SP Group. (only for internal reference)
  • 3Your account number with PacificLight Energy Pte Ltd.
  • 4This is the total amount payable for the current month and the payment due date.
  • 5Billing/Correspondence Address. Please provide the billing address if it differs from the premise address.
  • 6This is the premise address where electricity is supplied to.
  • 7The billing period, date of the bill, your account type, amount of deposit and your contract end date are provided here.
  • 8The bar graphs reflect your electricity consumption, which you can monitor your usage pattern.
  • 9The calculation is based on the estimated usage based on previous months’ actual readings. Meter readings are provided by SP Group.
  • 10It shows any balance brought forward from the previous month and the total amount payable for the month.
  • 11It shows the number of units of electricity you have used in the billing period.
  • 12Price plan that you have signed up for.
  • 13Electricity tariffs are regulated by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and revised quarterly to reflect the actual cost of electricity.
  • 14Base discount/energy rate that will be billed every month under your contracted price plan.
  • 15Get $1 dollar off your monthly bill when you opt for paperless bill.
  • 16Display of promotional rebate off bill.
  • 17You can find the necessary contact numbers for any queries or emergencies.
  • 18All payment options available and you may choose one that is most convenient for you!
  • 1First month bill.
  • 2Second month bill that reflects PPD (Prompt Payment Discount).
  • 35% off previous invoiced electricity charge if previous bill has been paid in full by due date.
  • 4Illustration of how the calculation is derived.

LAST UPDATED: September 2018


U-Save rebate is one of three components under the permanent GST Voucher scheme that helps HDB households offset part of their utilities bills, and lowers overall household expenses. You may visit here for more information.


Only HDB households are eligible for the GST Voucher- U-Save.

To receive the GST Voucher – U-Save (which will be credited to your HDB flat’s utilities account), your household has to fulfil the following conditions:

  • If you own and live in your HDB flat, there must be at least one Singapore citizen owner or occupier in the flat; or
  • If you partially sublet the HDB flat that you own and live in, there must be at least one Singapore citizen owner or occupier in the flat; or
  • i. If the entire flat is sublet to you, there must be at least one Singaporean tenant;


Immediate family members living in the same flat must not own or have any interest in more than one property.

Each flat will receive only 1 GST Voucher – U-Save benefit, based on the HDB flat type.

Flat Type Jul 2018 Oct 2018 Jan 2019 Apr 2019 Total Amount Per Year
1-and 2-room $95 $95 $100 $100 $390
3-room $85 $85 $90 $90 $350
4-room $75 $75 $80 $80 $310
5-room $65 $65 $70 $70 $270
Executive / Multi-Generation $55 $55 $60 $60 $230

*As announced in Budget 2018, eligible households will receive an additional $20 per year from 2019 to 2021, which will be paid out in quarterly tranches.

No sign-up is required for the GST Voucher – U-Save. GST Voucher – U-Save payments will be automatically credited to the utilities account of the household upon account opening. Each flat will receive only 1 GST Voucher – U-Save benefit, based on the HDB flat type.

The GST Voucher – U-Save is given out over 4 payments each year. For FY 2018, the U-Save rebates will be paid out in July 2018, October 2018, January 2019 and April 2019.

The GST Voucher – U-Save will continue to be rolled over to help offset your household’s utility bills for the following months. It will lapse only when your household’s utilities account is closed.

The GST Voucher – U-Save cannot be encashed because it is only meant to directly offset a household’s utilities expense and not other expenses. Any unused GST Voucher – U-Save will be rolled over to help offset your household’s utilities bills for the following months.

If you are eligible for U-Save rebates, we will reflect the remaining U-Save rebate amount for offsetting your electricity charges according to the rebate amount provided by SP Group.Should you notice that the remaining rebate amount is less than your entitlement under the GST Voucher scheme, this is because SP Group has utilised the U-Save rebate against your other utilities charges which should be reflected in their bill to you.

Should you notice any discrepancies in the U-Save rebate reflected in our bill to you, do email to us with a copy of your SP Group bill reflecting the U-Save rebate amount, and we will seek clarification on the discrepancy with SP Group. We will revert to you as soon as we receive a reply from them.


You will now receive your electricity bills from PacificLight, and continue to be billed by SP Group for your gas, water usage and/or refuse collections.

All registration and account closure fees with PacificLight are currently waived. However, if you request to close your account before your contract expires, then an early exit penalty will be imposed.

Supply turn-off is managed by SP Group as they are the appointed licensee for metering and electricity distribution network. PacificLight can facilitate a supply turn-off with SP Group on behalf of our customers. The fee of $10 imposed by SP Group will be passed on to you.

Yes, you are allowed to switch back to buy electricity from SP Group at the regulated tariff at the end of your contract.

Raise your request via any of the following channels and our Customer Service Agent will be in touch with you within 3 business days:

Kindly note that if you request for a switch-back before the expiry of your contract, an early exit penalty will be imposed.

They are scaling factors applied at the point of metering for network and transformer losses. You can visit www.openelectricitymarket.sg for more information.

It will be applied on your usage in the following manner:
Usage read from your meter (in kWh) x TLF = Billable usage

No problem, simply open an utilities account with SP Group, then call in to speak with our customer service agent to sign up with us for your new address for a period that covers your remaining contract period. PacificLight will facilitate the supply turn-off for the address you are moving out of. The supply turn-off fee of $10 (before GST) imposed by SP Group will be billed to you.


Here are the Fact Sheets for the respective price plans, where you can obtain key information about the contract. This is a requirement by the Energy Market Authority (EMA).







This contract is about the sale of electricity to you as a residential consumer to your premises. It is a standard retail contract that sets out the terms and conditions upon which we supply electricity to you and the charges to be paid by you for such supply. The contract starts without you having to sign a written document agreeing to these terms and conditions. In addition to this contract, the electricity laws and other consumer laws that contain rules about the sale of electricity, we will comply with these rules in our dealings with you. For example, the Electricity Act, its subsidiary legislation, market rules, relevant electricity codes and the Code of Conduct for Retail Electricity Licensees (collectively termed ‘the Rules’) set out specific rights and obligations about electricity supply, metering, settlement, marketing, payment obligations and options available for consumers after the retail contract expires or terminates prematurely.


This contract is between: PacificLight Energy Pte Ltd who sells electricity to you at your premises (in this contract referred to as “we”, “our” or “us”); and You, the customer to whom this contract applies (in this contract referred to as “you” or “your”).

  • Terms used in this contract have the same meanings as they have in the Rules. However, for ease of reference, a simplified explanation of some terms is given at the end of this contract.
  • Where the simplified explanations given at the end of this contract differ from the definitions in the Rules, the definitions in the Rules prevail.

3.1 When does this contract start?

This contract starts on the Contract Date.

Should you not be able to provide us with the required information for our processing of your application and transfer of your accounts from SP Group or from any other electricity retailers to us, the actual Supply Start Date may be later than the date stated in our contract with you. Consequently, the actual Supply End Date will also be delayed accordingly.

3.2 When does this contract end?

  • This contract ends:
    • on the actual Supply End Date when, we notify you via email/letter/sms at least 10 business days prior to the end date, and you have indicated to us your desired electricity purchase option no later than 3 days before the end date; or
    • if you give us a notice stating you wish to end the contract—subject to paragraph (b), on a date specified by us; or
    • if a different consumer starts to buy electricity for the premises—on the date that your accounts have been transferred out from us; or
    • if the premises are disconnected and have not been reconnected pursuant to Clause 14; or
    • if we terminate this contract in exercise of our rights under Clause 13.1.
  • If you do not give us and/or SP Group safe and unhindered access to the premises to conduct a final meter reading (where relevant), this contract will not end until we have issued you a final bill and you have paid any outstanding amount for the electricity supplied to you.
  • After we have notified you of the end date and should you choose not to do anything nor notify us of your desired electricity purchase option by the date specified in our notification (ie. no later than 3 days before the end date), this contract shall continue and we shall bill you at the prevailing regulated tariff published by SP Group after the end date until such time when either party gives the other party 10 business days advance notice on the contract termination date.
  • Rights and obligations accrued before the end of this contract continue despite the end of the contract. For the avoidance of doubt, accrued obligations to pay amounts to us include the charges payable under Clause 9 and Clause 13.2.

3.3 Vacating your premises

  • If you are vacating your premises, you must provide your forwarding address to us for your final bill. Until you do, we are entitled to rely on the last address provided to us for the purposes of Clause 8 and/or Clause 16.
  • When we receive your notice that you are vacating your premises, we will send an account closure request to SP Group with an effective date of closure being the date specified in your notice.
  • Upon closure of your account, we shall send a final bill to you at the forwarding address stated in your notice.
  • You will continue to be responsible for charges for the premises until your contract ends in accordance with clause 3.2 of this contract.


4.1 What is covered by this contract?

  • Under this contract we agree to sell you electricity for your premises. We also agree to meet other obligations set out in this contract and to comply with the Rules.
  • In return, you agree:
    • to be responsible for paying the charges for electricity supplied to the premises until this contract ends under clause 3.2 even if you vacate the premises earlier; and
    • to pay the amounts billed by us under this contract; and
    • to meet your obligations under this contract and/or the Rules.

4.2 What is not covered by this contract?

This contract does not cover the physical connection of your premises to the distribution system, including any metering equipment and the maintenance of that connection and the physical supply of electricity to your premises. This is the role of SP Group under a separate contract called a consumer connection agreement.


5.1 Full information

You must give us any information we reasonably require for the purposes of this contract. The information must be correct, and you must not mislead or deceive us in relation to any information provided to us.

5.2 Updating information

You must tell us promptly if information you have provided to us changes, including if your billing address changes or if your use of electricity changes (for example, if you start running a business at the premises).

5.3 Use of your information

We shall not disclose your information to any person unless you have given us your consent via email or letter or over the telephone, or where we are permitted or required to disclose your information:

  • for the provision of customer service support, billing, and/or collections purposes;
  • to facilitate the operation of a retail electricity market or a wholesale electricity market;
  • to the Transmission Licensee or to the applicable Market Support Services Licensee, where the Licensee is providing consolidated billing and your information is required for such purpose;
  • for law enforcement purposes;
  • for the purpose of complying with a legal requirement;
  • for the purpose of complying with the Rules;
  • for the purpose of carrying out credit checks and/or verify other information about you and such information as may be provided to a service provider such as a credit bureau will be available to other members and/or subscribers of the credit bureau;
  • for the purpose of recovering any debt due under this contract; or
  • for such other purposes allowed under the Personal Data Protection Act (12 of 2012).
  • The quality and reliability of your electricity supply is subject to a variety of factors that are beyond our control as your retailer, including accidents, emergencies, weather conditions, vandalism, system demand, the technical limitations of the distribution system and the acts of other persons, including at the direction of a relevant authority.
  • To the extent permitted by law, we give no condition, warranty or undertaking, and we make no representation to you, about the condition or suitability of electricity, its quality, fitness for purpose or safety, other than those set out in this contract.
  • SP Group as Transmission Licensee is responsible for maintaining the Network in good working order and condition. As such, we shall not be responsible and accepts no liability for any failure or defect in the supply of electricity to the premises whatsoever and however caused. Neither will we be liable for any loss or damage you suffer as a result of the total or partial failure to supply electricity to your premises, which includes any loss or damage you suffer as a result of the defective supply of electricity.

7.1 What are our tariffs and charges?

  • Our tariffs and charges for the sale of electricity to you under this contract are our standing offer prices. These are published on our website and include your distributor’s charges (such as MSS charges, Use of System charges).
  • Different tariffs and charges may apply to you depending on your circumstances. The conditions for each tariff and charge are set out in our standing offer prices to you (standard and non-standard offers).

7.2 Changes to tariffs and charges

If we vary our offers, we will publish the variation on our website before it starts. We will also include details with your next bill if the variation affects you.

7.3 Variation of tariff due to change of Rules

If there is any modification or introduction of charges arising from a change to the regulated agreements that we have entered into with any other Licensee, or a change to any Rules or the application of the Rules, or by any order, or direction made by the relevant authorities in Singapore which applies to electricity supply and services rendered by us, we must inform you via email of such change and publish the change on our website. We will also include details with your next bill if the change affects you.

7.4 Changes to tariffs or type of tariff during a billing cycle

If a tariff applying to you changes during a billing cycle, we will calculate your next bill on a proportionate basis.

7.5 Goods & Services Tax (GST)

  • Amounts specified in the standing offer prices from time to time and other amounts payable under this contract may be stated to be exclusive or inclusive of GST. Paragraph (b) applies unless an amount is stated to include GST.
  • Where an amount paid by you under this contract is payment for a “taxable supply” as defined for GST purposes, to the extent permitted by law, that payment will be increased so that the cost of the GST payable on the taxable supply is passed on to the recipient of that taxable supply.

7.6 U-Save rebates

U-Save rebates is part of the GST Voucher scheme introduced by the Singapore Government for eligible residential consumers to offset their utilities bills. If you are eligible for U-Save rebates, we will reflect the remaining U-Save rebate amount for offsetting your electricity charges according to the rebate amount provided by SP Group.

Should you notice that the remaining rebate amount is less than your entitlement under the GST Voucher scheme, this is because SP Group has utilised the U-Save rebate against your other utilities charges which should be reflected in their bill to you.

Should you notice any discrepancies in the U-Save rebate reflected in our bill to you, do email to us with a copy of your SP Group bill reflecting the U-Save rebate amount, and we will seek clarification on the discrepancy with SP Group. We will revert to you as soon as we receive a reply from them.


8.1 General

We will send a bill to you as soon as possible after the end of each billing cycle. We will send the bill:

  • to you at the email address nominated by you; or
  • if you opt for hard copy bills, to the mailing address nominated by you; or
  • to a person authorised in writing by you to act on your behalf at the address specified by you.

8.2 Calculating the bill

The bills we send to you (‘your bills’) will be calculated on:

  • the amount of electricity consumed at your premises during the billing cycle (using information obtained from reading your meter or otherwise in accordance with the Rules); and
  • the amount of fees and charges for any other services provided under this contract during the billing cycle; and
  • the charges payable for services provided by your distributor, including connection charges if you have asked for a new connection or connection alteration and have not made alternative arrangements with your distributor.

8.3 Estimating the electricity usage

  • We may estimate the amount of electricity consumed at your premises if your meter cannot be read, if your metering data is not obtained (for example, if access to the meter is not given or the meter breaks down or is faulty).
  • If we or SP Group estimate the amount of electricity consumed at your premises to calculate a bill, we must:
    • clearly state on the bill that it is based on an estimation; and
    • when your meter is later read, adjust your bill for the difference between the estimate and the electricity actually used.
    • If the meter has not been read due to your actions, and you request us to replace the estimated bill with a bill based on an actual reading of the meter, we will comply with your request but may charge you any cost we incur in doing so.

8.4 Your historical billing information

Upon request, we shall give you information about your billing history for the previous 1 year free of charge. However, we may charge you if we have already given you this information in the previous 3 months, or if you require information going back more than 1 year.

Additional charge on your historical billing information is $20 per report on each premise.


9.1 What you have to pay

You must pay to us the amount shown on each bill by the date for payment (the due date) on the bill. The due date will be no later than 14 calendar days from the date on which we issue your bill.

9.2 Issue of reminder notices

If you have not paid your bill by the due date, we will send you a reminder notice via email and/or text message that payment is required. The reminder notice will give you a further due date for payment which will be not less than 2 days after we issue the notice.

9.3 Difficulties in paying

  • If you have difficulties paying your bill, you should contact us as soon as possible. We will provide you with information about payment options.
  • If you are a residential customer and have told us that you have difficulty paying your bill, we may offer you the option of paying your bill under a payment plan. However, we are not obliged to do so if you have accumulated more than 2 months outstanding bills or have any payment plan cancelled due to non-payment in the previous 12 months or have been convicted of an offence involving the illegal use of electricity in the previous 2 years.
  • We may transfer your accounts with us to SP Group temporarily until such time you have fully paid up your outstanding bills. You will continue to receive electricity supply from SP Group unless you have also breached your obligations with them.

9.4 Late payment fees

If you have not paid your bill by the due date, we may require you to pay a late payment fee of 1% of the outstanding amount per month.

  • You must allow safe and unhindered access to your premises for the purposes of reading and maintaining the meters (where relevant).
  • Meter reading is carried out by SP Group in accordance to their meter reading schedule and they will estimate your usages if required in compliance with the Rules; and
  • We will rely on such meter readings and such estimates as advised by SP Group as final and conclusive for billing purposes.

11.1 Undercharging

If we have undercharged you, we will include such charges in a subsequent bill to you for settlement.

11.2 Overcharging

  • Where you have been overcharged and you have already paid the overcharged amount, we will credit that amount to your next bill upon discovery.
  • However, if you request otherwise in email, we will comply with that request.
  • If your account with us has closed and full settlement of the final bill has been made, any overcharged amount discovered subsequently will be paid to you within 1 month from our notice.

11.3 Reviewing your bill

  • If you disagree with the amount you have been charged, you can contact us and provide us with details for our review.
  • If you ask us to, we will arrange with SP Group for a check of the meter reading or metering data or for a test of the meter in reviewing the bill. You will be liable for the cost of the check or test and we may request payment in advance. However, if the meter or metering data proves to be faulty or incorrect, we must reimburse you for the amount paid.
  • If your bill is being reviewed, you are still required to pay all charges from us that are due for payment.
  • If required, we will make the necessary bill adjustments in the subsequent bill once SP Group has confirmed your usages in accordance with Clause 10.

12.1 Security deposit

We may require that you provide a security deposit. The circumstances in which we can require a security deposit and the maximum amount of the security deposit are governed by the Rules.

12.2 Use of a security deposit

  • We may use your security deposit to offset any amount you owe under this contract:
    • if you fail to pay a bill and as a result we terminate the contract; or
    • in relation to a final bill (i.e. a bill we issue when you vacate the premises or when you stop purchasing electricity from us at your premises or when you request that your premises be disconnected).

12.3 Return of security deposit

  • If you do not give us any reasonable instructions, we will credit the amount of the security deposit to offset against the outstanding charges in our final bill to you.
  • We shall return your security deposit or any credit balance after offsetting your security deposit within 1 month from your full settlement of the final bill from us.

13.1 When can we terminate / arrange for discontinuation?

Subject to us satisfying the requirements in the Rules, we may transfer your accounts to SP Group for their further action, which may include the disconnection of supply if:

  • you do not pay your bill by the due date; or
  • you do not provide a security deposit we are entitled to require from you; or
  • you do not give access to your premises to read a meter (where relevant); or
  • there has been illegal or fraudulent use of electricity at your premises in breach of clause 15 of this contract; or
  • you have become a bankrupt; or
  • we are otherwise entitled or required to do so under this contract, the Rules or by law.

13.2 Termination charges

Should you choose to terminate the contract before the actual Supply End Date for reason other than our breach, or should you breach any of your obligations under this contract which results in a termination before the end of this contract, the termination charges stipulated in the contract will be payable to cover our losses. The termination charges are as stipulated in the initial pages of the contract.

  • We can request SP Group to reconnect your premises if:
    • you ask us to arrange for reconnection of your premises; and
    • you have rectified the matter that led to the disconnection; and
    • you pay any reconnection charge impose by us or SP Group.
  • We may terminate this contract following disconnection if you do not meet the requirements in paragraph (a) and you shall be liable for the termination charges.

15.1 Use of electricity

You must not:

  • illegally use electricity supplied to your premises; or
  • allow electricity purchased from us to be used otherwise than in accordance with this contract and the Rules; or
  • tamper with, or permit tampering with, any meters or associated equipment owned by SP Group and/or us.
  • Notices and bills under this contract shall be sent electronically via email, unless this contract says otherwise. Notices sent electronically via email is taken to have been received by you or by us on the date of transmission (unless the sender receives notice that delivery did not occur or has been delayed).
  • A notice or bill sent otherwise than electronically is taken to have been received by you or by us (as relevant):
    • on the date it is handed to the party, left at the party’s premises (in your case) or our office (in our case) or successfully faxed to the party (which occurs when the sender receives a transmission report to that effect); or
    • on the date it is posted.
  • Our contact details for you to contact us or send us a notice are as set out in our bill to you, or as published on our website.

We will comply with all relevant legislation in relation to your personal data including compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (12 of 2012) (PDPA). You can find a summary of our personal data protection policy on our website. If you have any questions, you can contact our Personal Data Protection Officer, whose contact details are also available on our website.

In addition to the permitted uses and disclosures expressly set out in our website, we will also use and disclose your personal information as permitted or required under Clause 5.3.


18.1 Complaints

If you have a complaint relating to the sale of electricity by us to you, or this contract generally, you may lodge a complaint with us in accordance with our standard complaints and dispute resolution procedures. Note: Our standard complaints and dispute resolution procedures are published on our website.

18.2 Our obligations in handling complaints

If you make a complaint, we will respond to your complaint within the required timeframes set out in our standard complaints procedures and inform you:

  • of the outcome of your complaint and the reasons for our decision; and
  • that if you are not satisfied with our response, you have a right to refer the complaint to the Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE) or the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC).

18.4 Mediation

  • You and we agree that before referring any dispute or difference to formal mediation, each of us will within 30 days of either of us becoming aware of the dispute, do our best to resolve the dispute or difference through amicable discussions.
  • For purposes of amicable discussions, you may contact our customer service officers as the first point of contact.
  • If the dispute cannot be resolved at this level, you and we agree to attempt resolving the dispute through formal mediation at either: the SMC; or CASE; in accordance with their respective prevailing prescribed form, rules and procedures.
  • If the dispute involves SP Group, we shall use reasonable endeavours to facilitate resolution of such dispute between you and SP Group.
  • Despite the preceding sub clauses in this Clause 18.4, you acknowledge that neither of us are legally obliged to attempt resolution through mediation.

19.1 Effect of force majeure event

If either party to this contract cannot meet an obligation under this contract because of a force majeure event:

  • the obligation, other than an obligation to pay money, is suspended to the extent it is affected by the force majeure event for as long as the force majeure event continues; and
  • the affected party must use its best endeavours to give the other party prompt notice of that fact.

The laws of Singapore govern this contract.


21.1 If we are no longer entitled by law to sell electricity to you due to a Retailer of Last Resort (RoLR) event occurring in relation to us (such date being the Default Supply Effective Date referred to in the Rules), then, unless you have contracted with and successfully transferred to another retailer or the SP Group before the Default Supply Effective Date, you shall be deemed to have agreed to purchase electricity from the SP Group with effect on and from the Default Supply Effective Date:

  • at such tariff as may be set from time to time by the SP Group for non-contestable consumers, if you are eligible to apply to cease your classification as a contestable consumer under the Rules; or
  • at the prevailing market prices for the purchase of electricity from any wholesale electricity market through the SP Group, if you do not fall within Clause 21.1(a) above.

21.2 You are deemed to have consented to:

  • our applying for the cessation of your classification as a contestable consumer if you fall within Clause 21.1(a); and
  • our providing relevant information (including your name, billing address and contact details) to the SP Group; and
  • the transfer of your account to the SP Group.

21.3 Upon your account being successfully transferred to another retailer or the SP Group under Clause 21, this contract will come to an end. You will not be liable for termination charges arising from the RoLR event. However, you will still be liable for any lawful charges incurred up to the day immediately preceding the Default Supply Effective Date.


22.1 Our obligations may be performed by another person appointed by us

We may appoint another person to perform some obligations placed on us under this contract. If we do appoint another person to perform some of the obligations placed on us under this contract, then:

  • we are taken to have complied with the obligation if another person does it on our behalf; and
  • if the obligation is not complied with, we are still liable to you for the failure to comply with this contract.

22.2 Substitute retailer

  • We may substitute another retailer to perform all our obligations and exercise all our rights under this contract.
  • If there is a substitution, you agree that the substitute retailer will:
    • perform all the obligations under this contract and be liable for any failure to perform the obligations; and
    • will be entitled to exercise all our rights under the contract.
  • If so required, you and we agree to enter into such further agreements or do such things as may be necessary for the substitute retailer to replace us in accordance with Clause 22.2b, and for you and we to be discharged from all further obligations to each other.
  • 22.3 Amending this contract

    Should we make any amendment to this contract, we must inform you at least 7 days in advance via email and publish the amended standard terms and conditions on our website.

Simplified explanation of terms
  • “billing cycle” means the regular recurrent period for which you receive a bill from us;
  • “business day” means a working day other than a Saturday, a Sunday or a public holiday;
  • “consumer” means a person who buys or wants to buy electricity from a retailer;
  • “consumer connection contract” means a contract between you and your distributor SP Group for the provision of connection services;
  • “distributor” means the person who operates the system that connects your premises to the Network, or the Transmission Licensee;
  • “Electricity Act” means the Electricity Act (CHAPTER 89A);
  • “force majeure event” means an event or circumstance beyond the direct control or influence of you or us (as applicable) including acts of God, government orders, court orders, emergencies, Network breakdown, or insufficient volumes of electricity, or any other action by the Transmission Licensee or the PSO;
  • “GST” means Goods and Services Tax;
  • “Network” means the electricity transmission and distribution system in Singapore;
  • “PSO” means the Power System Operator;
  • “relevant authority” means any person or body who has the power under law to direct us, including the Energy Market Authority;
  • “residential consumer” means a person who purchases electricity for personal, household or domestic use at their premises;
  • “retailer” means a person that is authorised to sell electricity to consumers;
  • “RoLR event” means an event that triggers the operation of the Retailer of Last Resort scheme under the Rules;
  • “Rules” means the Electricity Act, its subsidiary legislation, market rules, relevant electricity codes and the Code of Conduct for Retail Electricity Licensees;
  • “security deposit” means an amount of money paid to us as security against non-payment of bills and other charges payable under the contract;
  • “SP Group” means Singapore Power Limited and all its subsidiaries including SP Services Limited, SP PowerGrid Limited, SP PowerAssets Limited;
  • “Transmission Licensee” means SP PowerAssets and SP PowerGrid or any successor or assign, which owns and operates the Network.